Hourly rate or fixed cost, it's up to you

My hourly rate is £40 per hour plus VAT, but I will happily come up with a fixed cost to fit your budget and ensure value for money.


I will provide an estimate which will take into account meeting with you to take your brief (or this can be done over the phone or online – whatever suits you).  I have a nifty project planner that can help us establish what needs to be done.


The time consuming part of my job is to research your subject, your company, your market, and to put myself in the mind of your reader. I will then take time to edit and shape the piece. After receiving your feedback, I can provide a second draft to make it the best it can be.


You don't pay anything up front. The price only changes if the brief does. I take great pride in my work to get it just right - but I'm not precious about it. If you want to make multiple rounds of amends, that's absolutely fine. Often you don't quite know what you want until you've got something in front of you.  I might just have to charge you a bit more for my time, is all.


I know what it’s like to have a tight budget. So I don't charge megabucks and try to be as flexible as I can. Give me a call and we can discuss it. 

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